What Our Clients Say

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“I want to thank you for the great job on the messaging work. The vendors were very good.  I think having Melanie as our facilitator during the initial brainstorm session helped tremendously.  Obviously, the directors were pleased, and felt they received great information to aid in the next steps.”
Global Corporate Banking Marketing, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
“MJC Consulting provided us with the experience and expertise needed to effectively conduct our niche market research.  From directly facilitating our focus groups, to quickly providing us with detailed reports, every aspect of their work with us was exceptional.”
Enrollment Management, Drexel University
“Melanie is one of the best moderators I’ve ever worked with in terms of translating internal partner needs into a meaningful discussion, having excellent interviewing skills and writing very impactful reports. I use Melanie on my highly visible projects where we are interviewing CFOs, Senior Execs, business owners/leaders and affluent customers whenever possible. She’s excellent in planning with and presenting to senior execs at financial institutions.”
Sr. Vice President, Financial Services, TNS Global
“I first enlisted the help with MJC Consulting with focus group research about five years ago and they quickly became my “go to” partner for all focus group research.  Conducting high quality focus group research requires having a moderator who can establish a rapport with the group and then use the discussion guide to ask questions that will tap into the rich, but idiosyncratic knowledge and background of particular participants.  Melanie and her colleagues are high skilled professionals in this regard.  Melanie and her team are also very adept at creating summary reports, which saved me numerous hours of trying to winnow the session feedback into meaningful findings and recommendations.  Melanie and her team are also highly professional, detailed oriented, and thorough.  When I work with MJC Consulting, I always feel confident that the project will turn out well.”
Vice President for Enrollment, Beloit College
“Melanie James Cosgrove is a true professional. With her outstanding ability to work with personalities from one end of the spectrum to another, we were able to rework a business process that has been in place for thirty years. And, we did it with excitement and buy-in from all participants at a time when we were at one of our busiest peaks of the year. This would not have been possible without the leadership and direction provided by Melanie and her team. I highly recommend their services without hesitation.”
“I am so thankful for the great job you did in supporting a very successful result with Aetna. This was probably one of the most complex projects with the shortest deadlines we ever had – and it had a terrific outcome.”
Vice President, TNS Global
“We selected Melanie James-Cosgrove to lead development of our most critical initiative, a multi-year strategic plan. We sought a professional consultant who not only understood the basic fundamentals of developing such a plan, but also someone who could develop a working document with practical action items that could be implemented over three years by our complex organization. In addition, we needed a consultant who could develop a plan that could stand up to considerable public scrutiny by a myriad of different stakeholders. Melanie accomplished each of these goals successfully. She was focused, conscientious, and incredibly detail oriented. In addition, she listened carefully to our thoughts along the way, proactively sought our feedback, and skillfully identified consistent concepts and recommendations that would work among varying stakeholder interests. But above all, she was not simply talented, but she was also someone with whom it was a true pleasure to work.”
Technology Strategy Lead, Business Intelligence, GSI Commerce
“Thanks again for all your help on this project.  Your team did a wonderful job moderating, and getting us the type of feedback and insight we were hoping to learn through the groups.  I also appreciate your work and quick turnaround of the report…I’m so pleased with what we received.  I hope we can work together in the future.”
Market Analytics & Performance Solutions, U.S. Bank
“Melanie and her team exhibit an effortless professionalism that instantly conveys deep expertise in market research.  They easily adapt their methodology to the organization, personalities and required timeline and execute seamlessly.  Melanie is the best moderator I have watched in action.  She prepares for the research by asking lots of questions to be certain she knows the exact details we want to tease out while ensuring her language and approach meet strict compliance guidelines. She is strong, direct yet smooth as she guides the research candidates through the process to ensure outcomes.  Her moderating combined with Abbie and Katharina’s research preparation, back room preparation and note taking effectively combine to ensure candid results.  The report deliverable is always extremely well done combining graphics/visuals and MJC’s insightful comments and recommendations.  My team and I have been working with MJC-Consulting since 2010 iteratively and we haven’t considered using any other customer research vendor since. Finally, Melanie, Abbie and Katharina are open, engaging, and fun women to work with!”