Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Often, management finds itself consumed with reactionary decisions in a meeting-centric and stressful work environment that can limit bandwidth for strategic planning and execution. MJC Consulting Group aids leaders and management teams in clarifying goals and objectives and making improved, more tactical decisions over time.  Collaboratively with clients, we redesign business operations, policies and processes, improve customer service, as well as enhance management and organizational structures.

A Deeper View Into Our Strategic Consulting Services

Our team utilizes an established MJC strategic planning methodology to capture mission, vision, goals and objectives for enterprise organizations as well as single or a group of business units.  Our MJC planning tool clearly delineates specific goals and objectives, as well as associated performance metrics, accountable roles, time frames and budget considerations related to accomplishing specific strategic tasks.

In addition to planning, the MJC team offers strategic advisory services supporting business improvement and transformation needs.   MJC Consulting Group brings best practices, counsel and implementable directives based on providing over two decades of transformation consultative service.

When would you utilize MJC’s Strategic Planning and Advisory Services?

Undergoing enterprise-wide or major business transformation such as:

Revising the organization’s business or service delivery approach


Implementing  a new or upgraded enterprise-wide solution/system

Changing to become more innovative and better positioned to meet future business needs

Rethinking the organization’s purpose,  operations and output/service structure due to a major industry-wide change

Organizational restructuring


Board, C-Level, and Senior management role and organizational design

Organizational administrative, staff and department redesign – assessing organizational fit, roles and/or responsibilities


Management advisory support

Strategic plan

Defined mission, goals and objectives

Performance metrics


Using professional facilitation techniques and tools honed and enhanced over decades, MJC Consulting Group leads collaborative brainstorming and focus group sessions to address a variety of business needs.  Keys to MJC’s facilitation success include the ability to:

Develop synergy with audiences, making them more relaxed and involved

Assess feedback on the spot, and engage in targeted impromptu follow-up with audience members

“Manage” audiences so that all members provide input and all opinions are heard and captured

Real-time synthesis of compiled audience contributions, resulting in concise outcomes, and as appropriate, pointed next steps.

When would you utilize MJC’s Facilitation Services?

Management meetings and retreats

Developing mission, vision goals, and/or strategic planning

RFP development and scoping

Project-related decision making – pre or post-project

Implement a new solution or an upgrade to a system – Conducting a Needs Assessment, System Requirements and/or Gap Analysis

Customer (internal and external) awareness and feedback sessions

Consensus and employee morale building

Brainstorming sessions


Vision/goal sessions

Consensus building

Concept, design

A key success to business process redesign and system projects is effective and experienced management with sound management tools.   The MJC Group brings knowledge and tools refined through work with 110+ projects conducted over the last couple of decades.    Our goal, which is a successful projects delivered on time and within budget, is met.  Just ask our clients.

The MJC Group can further service in a Quality Assurance (QA) role.  We utilize a methodology that incorporates a primary premise – helping to ensure that our clients obtain expected returns on their typically hefty investment (ROI).   The MJC Team serves in an oversight capacity to large, typically enterprise-wide initiatives, to scrutinize a project’s outputs, as needed, recommend changes and opportunities to improve the project approach, and moreover, validate that the vendor is meeting the project’s detailed requirements.

When would you utilize MJC’s PM and QA Services?

Undergoing a business or organizational transformation project

Implementing a new system or technology upgrade

Request for Proposal (RFP) process


Project plan

Project managment and implementation support

Quality assurance review and monitoring

When an organization isn’t running optimally, is losing revenue, and/or is barely, if at all, servicing customers successfully changes are needed.  Since the “reinvention” days of the early 1990’s through today, MJC team members have been helping clients improve business operations and organizational structures, specifically evaluating:

Business Operations: Process and Policy Analysis & Redesign

Board, Management, and Staffing Structures: Leadership and Organizational Analysis & Redesign

Through detailed assessments and use of proven methods that include inefficiency analysis tools, best practice metrics, issue identification and resolution models, the MJC Group can readily assess business process inefficiencies along with misalignments related to leadership, organizational structures  and staffing roles.  Our reinvention services result in improved business processes and policies, more effective leadership structures and organizational designs, refined role responsibilities, as well as potential cost savings.

When would you utilize MJC’s Redesign Services?

New leadership regime that wants to understand areas of weakness and strength within the organization

Manually intensive, time consuming and/or resource intensive business operations that need to be streamlined

Implementation of new or upgraded technology: that can enhance business processes

Business policies are antiquated,  insufficient, and/or require change

Roles are misaligned to an organizational unit, are insufficient or lacking

Functional area(s) or organization is operating in the red

Budgetary reductions require a reduction in operating costs


Operational department/business unit structure and responsibilities

Board, C-Level and Senior Management structure, role and responsibilities

Administrative and staff structure with defined roles and responsibilities

The primary goal of our Change and Communication practice is to drive sustainable change by transforming the mind-set and practices of organizations, management and staff.  Through certified change methodologies, MJC helps clients plan for and execute change.  The MJC approach incorporates planning for and implementation of a comprehensive, multi-mode communication program, as well as tools, support and training needed to ensure employee acceptance and preparedness for upcoming change.

MJC Consulting consultants have been professionally trained in change management, communication and training methodologies that have been utilized worldwide in large and small profit and non-profit organizations.  Change preparedness is a core niche consulting service of the MJC Team.

When would you utilize MJC’s Change Management Services?

Undergoing a business or organizational transformation

Implementing a new system or technology upgrade

Management transition

Major redesign of processes, policy and/or organizational structure


Change plan

Communications plan

Implementation of change / communications plan

Change acceptance and buy-in