Market Research

To ensure success, our market research methodologies incorporate a compilation of art, science and strategy.

Art. Having a keen ability to connect with research participants via face-to-face or written personal engagement to create an open and nonjudgmental research environment.

Science. Utilizing innovative research strategies, both scientifically proven as well as tested with time.

Strategy. Leveraging experience and skillful ability to effectively and efficiently synthesize research results, clearly translate research results into actionable next steps, and communicate insights through engaging delivery methods.

A Deeper View Into Our Market Research Services

Qualitative – In-Person, Telephone & Online

Focus Groups

In-depth Interviews

Bulletin Boards


Quantitative – Design & Dissemination of Tools;

Advanced Analytics and Modeling


Full Service Project Management & Delivery

Ensuring directional insights by spearheading the project lifecycle – from kickoff, recruiting, research, analysis to presentation

Methodologies & Techniques

Concept and Product Testing

Brand Testing

Website Design & Enhancement

Website Usability Testing

Packing, Shopper and Shelf Testing

Projective Use & Techniques

Content and Messaging

Effectiveness and Performance Improvement

Acceptance Testing (both by client’s consumers as well as their internal organization; e.g., sales force, management team)

Communication Strategies

Innovations Opportunity Analysis

Max Differential Analysis

We conduct research with participant types of all levels and backgrounds:

Healthcare Professionals – including Hospital Directors, Specialty and General Practice Physicians, NPs, RNs, as well as pharmacists

B2B – Board level to Hourly Staff

Consumers – All types within various industry sectors

We have expertise within multiple industry areas:


Finance & Investment



Public Sector


Travel & Tourism